Often times people ask me “what’s going on at the greenhouse now that you’re off-season?”. Well the past couple years we have had greenhouse additions to build, and updating that needs to be done, as well as a great deal of cleaning. Fortunately, we are able to keep a large number of our employees year round thanks to all the maintenance we need to do in the winter.

This off-season has been a bit different. About a year ago now we acquired another greenhouse but it needed A LOT of updating. The roof was so low, we had to duck under hanging baskets. The frame of the greenhouses were also made entirely out of wood – bad idea since there’s typically a lot of moisture inside a greenhouse causing the wood to rot.

So many changes have happened throughout the past year it would be too much to list them all, but in short we raised the roof (not in the party, fun way), replaced the wooden frame with steel, tore down glass greenhouses (talk about outdated!), built additional greenhouses to replace the ones we tore down, and poured TONS of new cement aisles.

As for what happens in the office during the off-season, we are busy planning and preparing for the upcoming Spring. That includes ordering all the plastic flower pots, ordering the plants, and organizing when each batch of flowers be planted and later shipped. It is the goal to be fully prepared to take on Spring with little mishap.