As you may have heard, there has been a big buzz on what used to be a widely used chemical called neonictonoids. These chemicals were used, and still are in some cases, for insect control on farms and in greenhouses.

In the past few years studies have shown that neonics have contributed to the decrease of the bee population. Since then, there has been a lot of buzz on how people need to boycott retailers that sell products treated with neonics, Home Depot being one that’s been highly publicized.

Since I’m on the inside, I can tell you what happened in response to increased consumer concern over the bee population. Within the last few years, Home Depot made it mandatory for growers that use neonics to tag their plants clearly stating it has been treated with the chemical. There will be a tag inserted in the plant that will say ‘This plant has been treated with neonictonoids’. Now you no longer have to wonder if the beautiful flower basket you want at Home Depot has been treated with neonics!

From what I’ve seen in the grower community, a lot of growers have discontinued their use of neonics due to the new findings as well as consumer feedback. At GFG, we are neonics free and proud of it. We love the bees and we understand bees are crucial in the business we operate.

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