Grand Service LLC is our merchandising company to help service our customers. Our managers and their teams take the burden off the stores to maintain our annual products. As experts in their field, our Grand Service team ensures product is merchandised effectively to create an attractive and easy to shop environment.

When you’re in the stores, look for these faces below. Think of them as your personal garden consultant. They can answer any questions you have about plants found in the garden center as well as what care is needed to maintain various products.

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Do you need a part time seasonal job in the Chicago, IL area?

Grand Service hires merchandisers every season to help carry out the responsibilities below:

  • Unload product from delivery racks and organize and merchandise it promptly after delivery.
  • Create attractive product displays.
  • Assist the end consumers with questions and provide them with helpful information.
  • Return worn-out and tired-looking product to the greenhouse by neatly placing items back on shipping racks.
  • Ensure that the freshest and highest quality product is always on display.

Contact us through our contact page if interested!